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PILLARS - Short film


Producer :  Filmblades

Director :   Andreas Dimitriou 

DOP :        Sofronis Sofroniou

Best Cinematography Award at 13th International Short Film Festival of Cyprus
National competition section

5WAYS2DIE - Short film


How many ways are there for someone to die?...Hmmm... Probably many. Well, this short film explores some of them. Makis, an everyday man, actually does. Where? How? Why? You'll have to watch and find out! Now think about it and add a level of difficulty...he has to keep it a secret from his wife.


Producer & Director  :  Daina Papadaki

DOP :        Sofronis Sofroniou

Best Cinematography Awards

Tetovo International Film Festival ODA (2nd edition), Tetovo, Fyrom


Piraeus Film Festival

Night of Comedy shorts

THE MONSTER - Short film 

Young Zoe lies in bed, but just cannot sleep. She dreads going to school, because she is constantly being mocked by her peers about her looks. They call her " The Monster".


Producer :  Marios Nicolaou 

Director  :  Daina Papadaki

DOP :        Sofronis Sofroniou

IMAN - Feature film 

Is the darkness within us stronger than the light? 

Three stories about characters whose actions may mean the difference between life and death: an Arab Muslim civil engineer has to come to terms with his responsibility in the collapse of a building in an Arab refugee settlement; two young radicalized Europeans of Arab origin are sent on a secret mission; a lonely 17-year old girl falls for a handsome, domineering young man.

Producer :  Seahorse

Director :   Corinna Avraamidou  &  Kyriacos Tofarides

DOP :        Sofronis Sofroniou