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Born in Nicosia, Cyprus. Son of a photographer. 

Spent hours throughout childhood behind cameras, in a dark room, shooting, printing, experimenting...learning how to talk through images. 

Started as a professional still photographer in high-school, after being told to do so by the school's principal. Could not refuse!

Later on, the studies at Vancouver Film School, Canada were enlightening.

Currently working as a freelance Director of Photography & Still Photographer in commercials, cinema and documentaries.

Filming in a variety of digital formats, following the needs of any given project. 16mm & 35mm motion film was an unforgettable medium and experience. 

Providing services for local and international clients.

Always excited to get involved with an innovative and progressive project. Occasionally directing projects, which evoke the senses. 

Color-correction is part of the joy. 

Observing and manipulating various aspects of photography to approach each concept with the right touch and color pallet.

Exposing subjects to an environment and forming an atmosphere is constantly challenging.  

The energy of the crew in all departments is always important, making the script and ideas come alive.

Photographic Exhibition ‘PARALLEL’, 2017. Documenting moments under the influence of Infrared light.

Parallel light, parallel lives, parallel relationships and parallel memories, the struggle to be in the present, to be oneself, is captured in various places, times, and contexts.

Stretching light waves can distort  the view of our world ...twist our reality. 


                      BAD HABITS  /  5 WAYS 2 DIE  /  NIGHTFALL OF EDEN 

Best Cinematography Awards:

– Film ‘ Pillars ’ at 13th International Short Film Festival of Cyprus

– Silver Award Cinematography on ’ Carob Advertising Awards 2022 ' 

– Film ‘ Nightfall of Eden ’ at 8th Monaco International Film Festival 2010(AFA)

– Film ‘ 5 Ways 2 Die ‘ at Tetovo International Film Festival ODA (2nd edition), Tetovo, Fyrom

– Film ‘ 5 Ways 2 Die ‘ at Piraeus Film Festival

– Film ‘ 5 Ways 2 Die ‘ at Night of Comedy shorts

– Film ‘ Bad Habits ' at European Film Festival Mainstream & Underground, Moscow

– Film ‘ Bad Habits ' at 'Point' International Film Festival, Romania

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